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Why Work With Us 

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We prefer to three fold sterilise each batch of consignment of medicinal herbs we receive, Depending on the part of the herb (Flower, Stem, Root, Leaves and Ash).

We rapid dry heat , UV sterilise and Infra-red sterilise each batch so there's no contaminants and harmful microbes on the surface of herbs procured.

Lab Attendent

We do double quality analysis that encompasses 3rd party tests and in-house tests and they are then cross-checked for every minor detail to maintain consistent quality benchmarks.

Dentist Appointment

We are registered with CTRI which is Clinical Trail Registry of India that enables us to publish clinical trials and provide a well organised Clinical trail prospectus for our clients.

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We have over 500 different bottling options with personalised graphic designers who can develop labels and branding material for your product range.

White Pills

We offer prototyping at a nominal cost which gives you a sample size idea of how well the supplement can perform for your market. With our lab scale manufacturing we can develop sample prototype for your product range. 

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