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Calotropis Procera, Madar / Ruber Bush , A toxic plant and it's uses

Calotropis procera known for its toxic nature holds attainable medicinal value. In Ayurveda, the leaves of Calotropis Procera contain the cardenolide, proceragenin, calotropin, and calotropagenin while the flower contains calotropenyl acetate, and multiflavenol and the latex contains uzarigenin, and terpenol ester.

While conducting a Phytochemical Analysis, The plant has indicated presence of triterpenoids, calotropursenyl acetate and calopfriedelenyl, a norditerpenyl ester, calotropternyl ester oleanene triterpenes like calotropoleanyl ester, procerleanol A and B and cardiac glycosides calotropogenin, calotropin, uscharin, calotoxin and calactin.

As far as toxins are considered, the leaves contain Mudarine, an acidic yellow resin which has calotoxin along with two other potent toxins. The dry latex of Calotropis Procera was recognised to be a promoter of inflammatory activity.

This nature of Calotropis procera makes it an essential herbal parameter to check the durability and efficacy of Anti-Inflammatory herbal medicines.

Source : The Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia

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