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Acacia Catcehu , Khair Tree / Cutch Tree

Acacia Catcehu or commonly known as Khair tree is a tall tree usually found in south-eastern part of Asia. Acacia catechu has been used traditionally against different diseases, especially gastrointestinal and stomach-related ailments, leprosy, and skin diseases.

Crude extracts of bark and heartwood of Acacia are used as a topical medication for not only humans but multiple animals as well.

Acacia catechu prevails a group of phytochemicals with diverse pharmaceutical and biological activities. Acacia Catechu's centre-wood was detected to contain tannins, terpenoids, tri-terpenoids, alkaloids, ascorbic acid, and carbohydrates. The leaf extract showed the presence of resins and saponins.

When conducted an in-depth analysis the center-wood indicated 66.9% of catechins and 23.1% of epicatechins which are responsible for the bio-activities. Caprylic acid methyl ester, lauric acid methyl ester, 2-ethyl-3-methyl-1-butene, and Catechin, Epicatechin ,

4-hydroxybenzoic acid , Afzelechin , Epiafzelechin , mesquitol , Ophioglonin ,

Aro- madendrin, Kaempferol , Baicalin , baicalein, quercetin, quercetin 3- methyl ether, caryatin and Ellagic acid.

Acacia Catechu has proven to be a rich source of bioactive secondary metabolites, especially polyphenols and the plant has shown wide pharmacological functions such as free Radical Scavenging activities indicating a rich antioxidant. Although there is more research required to analyse the cross-interactivity of Acacia Catechu with other botanicals and even pharmacological treatments.

Source : Journal of Chemistry, Volume 2021, Article ID 2575598


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