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Who We are and What We do ?

Ojasveda focuses over supplying and exporting quality assured Medicinal Herbs, Medicinal Mushrooms and exotic spices globally. We focus on our Quality control by developing a transparent data-chain for our clientele. We upload every quality essential information for our potential clients on our website to show where we are procuring our herbs from and how we are storing them.

Herbal Tea






We procure and supply raw herbs in bulk for our clientele if they prefer to brand these herbs in packaging we also do that too.







We procure and supply raw fungi in bulk for our clientele if they prefer to brand these medicinal 

mushrooms in packaging we also do that too.

Contractual Manufacturing

We do white labels and third party manufacturing on contractual basis that includes complete production support. Success of your brand matters to us.

Manufacture Food/Herbal Supplement Prototypes

Formulating and Manufacturing herbal & food supplements as prototypes for clinical testing and studies.

Bottling, Packaging and Designing

Along with complete production support. Complete aesthetic of a product means a lot for market success. We offer end to end support for all your packaging needs.

Complete Market Entry Consultation

When we say end to end support, we mean it, we deliver a complete market report to guide our clients closely with their next big supplement/herbal medicine venture. 

Our Certifications and practices which entails our 

3 - Fold sterilisation

Which Includes 

Untitled design-4.png

Infra-Red Sterilisation

UVC - Sterilisation

Rapid Dry Heating

Untitled design-2.png

Reach out to us about your next big herbal venture.

We would be happy to assist you with a complete end to end service with your new venture. A project preferred by nutritionists and herbalists.

Various Indian Spices
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